Category: Pipers Day Nursery
Testimonial Author: Kate

Hi Lorraine

The outstanding element for me, as a parent, is the caring and nurturing nature of the staff at Pipers. As a working parent, excellent childcare is the most important consideration and I can see how the staff genuinely cares for the children, treating them as individuals and recognising their qualities. To evidence this I recently put my little girl to bed and stroked her hair, she commented that one of the team at nursery do this to help her get to sleep which gave me great comfort. The educational aspects of the environment are also excellent and at a recent discussion about my child?s development, her key worker was attentive and professional, spending as much time as we needed to go through the early years curriculum and in the course of the discussion it was apparent that she had taken time to get to know our daughter well as well as her interactions with the other children.

By the way, it was Maddie who strokes my little girl?s hair!