Apr 9, 2021

Spring Newsletter 2021

Spring Newsletter 2021

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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter 2021

In our childcare rooms we are busy learning about Spring and observing changes in the environment. 
Following children’s interests and our Spring topic, we are looking at farm animals and their babies. We 
have also been very interested in The Very Hungry Caterpillar story book. So far, we have tasted the 
different foods from the story, danced a caterpillar samba, enjoyed singing the caterpillar on a leaf story 
about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We have built a bug hotel and enjoyed a minibeast bingo! We have our 
very own caterpillars that we have been observing and taking care of.

Here are some ideas of how you can join in with our Spring theme at home:
In the garden or on a spring walk. What will you find? Have a look for minibeasts, Caterpillar, 
butterfly, spider, worm? Can you hear the birds? What colours can you see? Can you see any 
Read a story related to Spring. Favourites at this time of year include The Very Hungry Caterpillar, 
The Three Little Pigs, What the Ladybird Heard. That’s not my bunny! That’s not my tractor! Do you 
have any others?
Sing a song. Old MacDonald had a farm to practice different sounds. Caterpillar on a leaf, joining in 
with actions and learning the life cycle. There is a worm at the bottom of the garden. 
Planting activity. We invite you to join in with our planting activity. Each child will be given a 
sunflower seed to take home.

Have you heard of schemas? 

A Schema is simply a pattern of behaviour that children use to explore and investigate
objects and the world around them as they play. 

Have you ever wondered…Why push a pram around with nothing in? Why post objects into DVD players and 
bins? Why tip toys out of boxes or scatter things off tables? Why is their child tying toys/people together? 
Why do children prefer to play inside cardboard boxes, want to hide under their beds or make dens under 
tables? Why do they want to wrap everything up, sometimes even themselves? Why does their child 
continually climb onto things and jump off again? Why do some children have a fascination with running 
water and flood the bathroom? Why do some children line objects up in a row when others make towers 
with everything?

The list goes on. Rotation, Orientation, Positioning, Connection, Transporting, 
Enveloping, Enclosing and Trajectory are schemas of play that we can recognise and use to understand
children’s behaviour. This then enables us to plan activities to support this. Please see attached more 
information about Schemas in Action and see if you can identify any of these at home. 

Nursery News

Staffing- During our previous term we said Goodbye to Emma and Terri has left for Maternity Leave. We
have welcomed Sharon and Sarah to our Moorlands team. Sharon is now based in our Bumblebee room 
and Sarah has joined our Ladybird room. 

Clothing - Please can we remind all parents to ensure children have appropriate clothing for their nursery 
day depending on the weather and at least one spare set of clothes in their nursery bag. At nursery we do 
enjoy messy and outdoor play so please be aware that best clothes are not ideal. Optional nursery uniform
can be purchased from www.myclothing.com. Just search: Moorlands Day Nursery on the website. Sizes 
start from 2 years. Nursery uniform is entirely parents’ choice and not compulsory. We ask that parents
also include a labelled sun hat and sun cream in nursery bags if necessary. Alternatively, we will provide 
sun cream at a cost of £1 per child. 

Funding towards childcare costs- Do you know what you are eligible for? Working parents may be eligible 
for Tax Free Childcare and/or 30 hours funded childcare. Eligible 2-year-olds and all 3 and 4-year-olds can 
claim 15 hours funded childcare. Please contact www.childcarechoices.gov.uk for more information. If you 
are eligible for 30 hours funding from September 2021. You will need to have applied and issued nursery 
with your code by 31st August 2021. You will need to reconfirm your eligibility every 3 months. 

Coronavirus COVID 19- Please remember to social distance when bringing children to nursery and 
collecting them. As always, please inform nursery of any illness or absence. If your child has any of the 
three symptoms: high temperature, new continuous cough or a loss or change of sense of smell or taste.
You will need to book a coronavirus test and isolate until the test result gives further instruction. Please 
note that the lateral flow tests cannot be used when symptoms are present. If you, your child or someone 
in your household has a positive COVID test result during times when nursery is closed, please forward this 
result to lorraine@ellanday-nurseries.co.uk. Thanks again to all our families for your continued 
understanding and cooperation.

Primary School Offers- Children starting Primary School September 2021, you will receive your offers 
Friday 16th April. Please share this exciting information with us when you receive it. 

Dates for your diary: 

Term Dates: Nursery is open however grants are not valid during these dates. Children are welcome to 
attend however, full fees will be charged. 

End of Term: 05/04/2021-16/04/2021 (2 weeks)

Half Term: 31/05/2021-04/06/2021 (1 week)

End of Term: 23/07/2021-06/09/2021 (6 weeks)

Nursery will be closed on the following bank holidays:
Good Friday- Friday 2nd April 2021
Easter Monday- Monday 5th April 2021
Early May Bank Holiday- Monday 3rd May 2021
Spring Bank Holiday- Monday 31st May 2021
Summer Bank Holiday- Monday 30th August 2021
Christmas Break – Monday 29th December 2021 – Tuesday 4th January 2022

St Georges Day- Friday 23rd April 2021 – Children are invited to wear red and white for nursery. 

Graduation Photographs for children starting Reception Class September 2021- Thursday 20th May 2021 

Did you know that you can pay your fees online? 

Payee: Ellanday Nurseries Ltd Account Number: 11090677 Sort Code: 16-00-39
Please use your child’s name as a reference. 

Schemas in Action


An interest in how objects and people move, 
and how children can affect that movement. 
This schema can be seen in children’s actions 
when they drop objects, jump, swing and climb 
up and down repeatedly. 


An interest in things which turn, such as knobs, 
taps, keys, wind-up toys. This schema can also be 
seen in children’s actions when they run and ride 
bikes round in circles or spin round and round, or 
make circles and spiral patterns in paint or other 
messy play. 


An interest in creating and/or occupying 
enclosed spaces. It can be seen in children’s 
actions as they create structures in which they 
sometimes enclose themselves or objects. Some 
spaces may be left empty; others may be filled 
with objects. 



An interest in covering and wrapping up objects 
or themselves or in putting things inside bags, 
baskets and containers. Sometimes children will 
drape themselves in fabrics or clothing such as 
hoods, hats, gloves, cloaks, or become interested 
in wrapping things and securing them with string 
or tape. 


An interest in moving themselves around and in 
transporting objects. Once they are mobile, 
babies and children begin to move objects and 
themselves from one place to another, using 
bags, bikes, trucks, etc. 


An interest in fastening and joining things 
together and in taking them apart. This schema 
can be seen in children’s actions when they join 
train tracks, attach ropes to climbing frames, get 
fascinated with sting and even tie their own legs 


An interest in carefully placing objects or 
themselves in patterns or rows. The schema 
may be seen when children line up toys, books 
or other objects and position them either on 
top, under, around the edge of, behind and next 
to each other. 


An interest in seeing things from different 
angles. Children hang upside down from the slide 
or climbing frame and may turn their toys and 
objects upside down as they look at them.