Apr 30, 2021

Spring Newsletter 2021

Spring Newsletter

Category: Pipers Day Nursery
Posted by: aaron

Nursery News

Staffing: We have a new member of staff staring in the Honeybee room next week, his name is Jake. Sharon will also be returning to the 
Honeybees next week. Chelsa will be taking maternity leave from the 9th April and Amanda from the Rainbows will be going through to the 
sunflowers as an additional member of staff until Chelsa returns. Maddie will be overseeing the running of the Sunflowers whilst Chelsa is 
on maternity leave as well as completing the deputy Role. Lottie has also returned to us and is working in the Rainbows room. 

The Garden: We are going to be developing the garden over the next few months. If you have anything at home that you no longer use or 
want and you think we could benefit from it in our garden, please let us know. Likewise, if you have any ideas for our garden, we would love to 
hear them. We understand it is very muddy at the minute we send our apologies for the extra washing! Please try to make sure you send your 
children in shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Family photos: Please can all parents send family photosthis will promote lots of conversation and learning. 
Where have you been what have you seen? – all rooms would be grateful if you can send pictures of what you 
get up too when not at nursery, this will promote lots of conversation and lead to other activities and learning at 
nursery. These pictures will be displayed for all children to see. 

Social distancing: Please remember to social distance when picking your children up. Please note if you are 
asked to wait it is so we can keep you and everyone else safe. 

Clothes: Please ensure you bring appropriate outdoor clothing for this time of year and that there are plenty 
of spare clothes in bags with names on. Please also send sun cream and a sun hat if it is required.

Toys: Please try not to allow your child to bring toys to nursery as sometimes toys are getting lost or broken 
and it is sometimes causing upset in the rooms.

Test results: Just a reminder if you or your child has a COVID test and the results come through out of 
nursery hours please email the result to lorraine@ellanday-nurseries.co.uk 

Room Updates


We are developing the Rainbows room and would be grateful if you could donate any wooden or natural toys that may no longer be of 
use to you. 


The Sunflowers are looking at spring and all different changes that happen, they have got some caterpillars that they are looking 
after and will be learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.


The Honeybees also have caterpillars to look after and will be focusing on the spring topic. The photographer will be coming on 
Thursday 3rd June for leavers photographs, if your child does not attend on this day please speak to Donna or Maddie to arrange a 
time for you to come in.