Its time for us to bid Pipers farewell and it is a very sad goodbye from us. Grace has been here since she was 8 months old, it was the best decision we have made to date to send her here. Every single one of you have contributed to her turning into the kind, loving and caring little girl she is today and we cant thank-you enough for that. We know it can't of been easy for you caring for the child of two shift workers but you have always accommodated our request without issue for this we will be forever in your debt. The way you all handled covid was nothing but commendable thank-you will never be enough. All our love Gareth, Steph and Grace
Thank-you for being such an important and special part or Rupert's life. He loves coming to nursery and I have loved watching him grow up into the little boy he is today thanks to your help.
For 9 years you have watched, loved and laughed with my children. You have all been a massive support through the years. I could not have entrusted my children to any other family, because that's what the Pipers team have become, part of our family, Thank-you for loving my family, Nici